Project Description

Maize Drilling 2021 in Staffordshire for R P & Mrs I Cooke at Tunstall Hall Farm, Woodseaves.

E.J & E.K Bostock & Son Agricultural contractors from Tean, stoke on Trent are here maize drilling at Tunstall Hall Farm with their Lemkin Azurit drill, This maize crop has been planted with a forage pea as a companion crop with a view to creating a well balanced forage of protein and starch. The additional benefit to doing this is to provide the maize with nitrogen that is fixed by the legume pea crop. The nutrition aspects to this crop will be closely monitored and tested through foliar tissue testing and providing the crop with the correct nutrients according to need, it is know that to enhance nodulation of a legume crop elements such as Molybdenum, Cobalt, Sulphur and manganese are essential.

A new addition in 2022 will bring the capability to place a bespoke liquid fertiliser in the row closely to the seed, this will be made up of the correct nutrients and in some cases microbes required to benefit soil health.

For more information on drilling maize this year please click this link to their Facebook page.