Dairy Consultancy

With specialist knowledge within the dairy sector, we offer consultancy to maximize performance and improve production efficiency.

Consultancy Services:

  • Grass & other forages utilisation
  • Milk production systems
  • Ruminant nutrition
  • Milk production forecasting & profiling
  • Livestock breeding and fertility
  • Young stock management
  • Dairy costings
  • Dairy herd management
  • Dairy cow feed budgeting
  • Dairy cow housing design
  • Dairy cow comfort & welfare management

Our Approach

In our approach, we believe it as essential to feed ruminants in a healthy and balanced way – We call this the Bio-Circle. By feeding essential nutrients to livestock, what we call as ‘healthy manure’ is formulated and deposited within the grazing fields, and providing the soil with the essential nutrients to continue to improve soil health – That’s why a high quality and bespoke diet is absolutely vital.

It’s not all down to our livestock through – We is a time and a place for balanced fertiliser applications based with the correct supply of trace elements. Having a clear understanding of what your ground lacks will help to put a preventative measure in place and ensure both the soil and livestock are getting what they need.

By starting with good healthy forage which it fed back into the land through healthy homogenised manure, the disease will be kept at bay and farmers can build for a healthy tomorrow.

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