Our Philosophy

DJL Agriculture was established by David Lievesley in 2016 to share his passion for Agriculture and sustainable farming. Both David and his son Daniel share a love and passion for the sector, and subsequently, now work closely together to continue their hands-on approach towards farming.

At DJL Agriculture we promote biological farming solutions to ensure farming success and profitability by putting life back into our soils – Making improvements from the very start to improve the quality of food we eat.

Our Team

David Lievesley – Managing Director

Having spent over 30 years in the dairy industry, David’s core understanding of the relationship between animal productivity and soil health is incomparable.

“Whilst managing dairy cows with a natural approach it is my belief that the health and productivity of any ruminant come from a healthy soil strategy…My philosophy of a healthy eco-system centres on using the correct bespoke inputs to maximise healthy sustainable outputs”.

Daniel Lievesley

Daniel Lievesley

As a qualified Agronomist with both BASIS and FACTS certifications, Daniel works closely with his father to promote a forward-thinking and sustainable approach to Agriculture.

Operating in Derbyshire & Staffordshire, Daniel enjoys getting involved in crop nutrition and aims to combat any crop protection issues with a biological and balanced approach.

”It is my belief that working towards a sustainable farming system is crucial if we are to provide a future in farming for the next generation. As we look to move away from traditional conventional practices it can only benefit us all environmentally and economically”.