Our Philosophy

DJL Agriculture was established by David Lievesley in 2016 to share his passion for Agriculture and sustainable farming. Both David and his son Daniel share a love and passion for the sector, and subsequently, now work closely together to continue their hands-on approach towards farming.

At DJL Agriculture we promote biological farming solutions to ensure farming success and profitability by putting life back into our soils Making improvements from the very start to improve the quality of food we eat.

With many combined years of practical experience and understanding, DJL Agriculture can help you to implement the key principles of regenerative management on your farm.

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Find out how we can help you implement these regenerative five roots on your farm.

Our Team

David Lievesley – Managing Director

Having spent over 30 years in the dairy industry, David’s core understanding of the relationship between animal productivity and soil health is incomparable.

“Whilst managing dairy cows with a natural approach it is my belief that the health and productivity of any ruminant come from a healthy soil strategy…My philosophy of a healthy eco-system centres on using the correct bespoke inputs to maximise healthy sustainable outputs”.

DJL Agriculture About us
DJL Agriculture About us

Daniel Lievesley – Agronomist

Having spent time working for an agrochemical distributor it soon became apparent to me that growing crops relying on chemical and fertiliser inputs was not the way I wanted to work. I now focus my time transitioning growers away from this approach which has been lead by the institutions for their own financial benefit.

”It is my belief that working towards a sustainable farming system is crucial if we are to provide a future in farming for the next generation. As we look to move away from traditional conventional practices it can only benefit us all environmentally and economically”.


David Lievesley
David Lievesley
Telephone: 07736 958257
Email: djl@djlagriculture.co.uk
Daniel Lievesley
Daniel Lievesley
Telephone: 07936 678 106
Email: dan@djlagriculture.co.uk