Grassland Agronomy

Organic & Conventional Grassland Agronomy

Specifically tailored to the grassland Farmers we can offer a grassland agronomy service which covers both organic and conventional systems. Our philosophy however doesn’t change as we look to improve grassland through a biological approach.

The grassland agronomy packages are tailored according to your need which include regular crop inspections during the year to assess the performance of your grassland though nutritional leaf testing as well as monitoring for weeds, pests and diseases.

All packages include crop report plans which are done through a software system to keep an electronic record of your grassland inputs.

Tailored Grassland Planning

“With an attention to detail, we shall conduct field and sward assessments, and offer rotation, nutrition and reseeding planning, to help you maximise output from forage. This includes exploring options such as multi-cut strategies and Grazing options and the use of silage additives to improve the longevity and quality of your forage”

All Grassland Agronomy Packages Include

  • Soil Health & Environmental Management
  • Rotational planning
  • Nutrient Management
  • Pest, Weed & Disease Control
  • Harvest Management
  • Crop Costings
  • NVZ & Stewardship Advice & Record Keeping

Bronze Package

  • 1 Visit every other month
  • 1 free broad spectrum soil analysis
  • 1 free slurry sample
  • * Pay Annually – Get 2 Months Free *

Silver Package

  • 1 Visit every month
  • 1 free broad spectrum soil analysis
  • 1 free Sap analysis
  • 2 free broad spectrum soil Analysis
  • * Pay Annually – Get 2 Months Free *

Gold Package

  • 2 Visits every month
  • 2 free Broad spectrum soil
  • 2 free Sap analysis
  • 2 free broad spectrum soil Analysis
  • 1 Free micro biome test
  • 1 Free slurry sample

All-round Agronomy Package

At DJL Agriculture we are here to offer an all-round agronomy package linking in livestock to arable farming.

Our philosophy is to is to promote bio logical farming solutions to achieve a healthy well-balanced system for the health of the soil and the plant which in turn helps the heath of both livestock and humans.

Daniel - independent agronomist

”It is my belief that working towards a sustainable farming system is crucial if we are to provide a future in farming for the next generation. As we look to move away from traditional conventional practices it can only benefit us all environmentally and economically”.

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