Farm Mapping

Using A specialised digital farm mapping software programme we can create farm maps that comply with Cross Compliance guidelines.

These Farm Maps also have benefits and uses that cover the following:

  • Boundary Mapping
  • Tree Management
  • Land Records
  • Planning Permission
  • Utilities Recording
  • Projects and Developments
  • Event Management
  • Conservation Recording
  • Rights and privileges
  • Stewardship Schemes
  • Ownership and tenancy
  • Planning and Grant Applications
  • Referencing and recording
  • Strategy planning
  • Surveying

Our Farm Maps produced are also available to purchase to the size of your choice suitable to display in farm offices.

Our NVZ Risk maps ensure you comply with all cross-compliance guidelines.

We will help you produce a risk map for your farm that highlights areas where you should never spread organic manures and areas where you may need to vary how you apply organic manures during the year to avoid causing water pollution.

Farm Maps produced will highlight the following:

  • All surface waters and land within 10 meters of them
  • All springs, wells and boreholes on your holding or within 50 meters of the
    boundary and land within 50 meters of them
  • Watercourses
  • Areas on which organic manures must not be spread
  • Buffer zones
  • slope of more than 12 degrees
  • sandy or shallow soils
  • low run-off risk land
  • sites used for field heaps
  • Field Cropping

These maps are ideal for farm offices and can be printed in your size of choice such as:

  • A4
  • A3
  • A2

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