Welcome to DJL Agriculture

Looking outside the box to improve sustainability and profit through biological solutions

Over time the philosophy of farming has changed. Farmers are now farming with the future in mind, and that’s why biological farming is becoming ever so more important to reduce the reliance on artificial fertilisers and chemical inputs.

We fully embrace the biological farming approach where everything begins with the soil. We pride ourselves in working alongside farmers to ensure the quality of their soil maintains healthy through planted crops – For improved soil structure and improved profitability too.

Focusing on the three free elements that are, carbon, air and water, we enjoy using these resources to regenerate landscapes for a sustainable future.

Improving soil health is a priority and no-till farming is advocated as part of our approach to turning more towards regenerative agriculture.

A diverse cropping strategy, which includes cover and companion crops are Promoted so that farmers can eliminate the use of synthetic fertilisers, fungicides, and all other forms of pesticides.

Our aim is to help farmers sequester carbon, build organic matter, recycle nutrients and conserve water. This will produce food that can regenerate public health, with an elevated content of immune compounds that transfer plant immunity to livestock and people, providing food as medicine to create a healthier lifestyle for all.

It is our mission to have these regenerative models of agriculture management common place for the next generation of farmers.

With the approach of regenerative farming practices we hope our advice and support brings an outcome beneficial to your business economically and environmentally.

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