Livestock Consultants and Nutrition Specialists

Independent Dairy Consultants

WE are independent dairy consultants with specialist knowledge within the dairy cow sector, we offer general and nutrition consultancy to maximise performance and improve production efficiency.

Dairy Consultancy Services:

  • Grass & other forages utilisation
  • Milk production systems
  • Ruminant nutrition
  • Milk production forecasting & profiling
  • Livestock breeding and fertility
  • Young stock management
  • Dairy costings
  • Dairy herd management
  • Dairy cow feed budgeting
  • Dairy cow housing design
  • Dairy cow comfort & welfare management

Our independent dairy consultants service is available nationwide.

Our Holistic Approach to Dairy Farming

In our approach, we believe it as essential to feed ruminants in a healthy and balanced way – We call this the Bio-Circle.

It is significant to remind ourselves that before the advent of chemically fixed nitrogen as fertilisers, the soils supply of nitrogen depended on that which was fixed biologically through the symbiosis between bacteria and the legume plant species, or through free – living bacteria in those soils naturally rich in calcium and other inorganic fertility, whilst also high in organic matter. Find out more about holistic crop types related to improved biology.

As expert independent dairy consultants we advocate the use of herbal mixtures for both Grazing and Silaging depending on your system, this includes selecting plant species such as Plantain, chicory and Clovers to boost fertility of both the livestock and soil.

Dairy Nutrition

Independent dairy nutrition which focuses on improving farm profitability through measuring fertility, technical excellence and realising the cow’s potential.

The modern dairy cow with high yield potential is often inhibited in both yield and fertility by acidosis, poor rumen function, poor balance of energy and protein and the incorrect supply of amino acids.

We have in depth knowledge and experience of all these issues, with the ability to offer unique solutions.

Having spent over 30 years in the dairy industry, David’s core understanding of the relationship between animal productivity and soil health is incomparable.

Whilst managing dairy cows with a natural approach it is my belief that the health and productivity of any ruminant come from a healthy soil strategy. My philosophy of a healthy eco-system centers on using the correct bespoke inputs to produce healthy sustainable outputs.

As the cow digests the healthy proteins which make up body tissue then the remainder is passed through and begins to create what I call healthy manure.

These high-quality proteins are what I use in my ingredients to make up that high quality bespoke diet.

To grow and feed healthy forage which is rich in vital nutrients we must balance fertiliser applications with the correct supply of trace elements.

High nitrogen inputs alone will imbalance these nutrients and drive the PH of the ruminant down which begins from the soils PH status.

The importance of keeping the PH correct is vital in what I call the Bio-Circle, starting with good healthy forage and concentrate through the ruminant, back to the land via healthy homogenized manure.

We then keep disease at bay by taking stress away from our herds and as a passionate stockman this is the way forward in retaining and building carbon in our soils for a healthy tomorrow.

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