Nutrient Management Planning & NVZ

There has never been a better time to review your farm nutrient planning.

Our in-depth plan covers all aspects of the written soil management plan requirements for the Sustainable Farming Incentive (SFI) NUM1.

The detailed nutrient management plan assesses the farms approach to, and details methods to optimise, nutrient usage.

NVZ Rules are enforced by the Environment agency, therefore anybody with land in an NVZ must comply with the rules. Failing to do so can result in prosecution. As part of cross compliance, the Rural payments agency carries out inspections to ensure farmers and landowners are complying with NVZ rules.

Here at DJL Agriculture as a FACTS qualified advisor we can help produce your NVZ and Nutrient management plan.

Our Nutrient Management Planning service is tailored to your individual farm. We consider your soil analysis, cropping plans, livestock numbers, manure and fertiliser spreading details, imported organics (e.g., biosolids, digestate) etc. marrying them all together to produce a bespoke Nutrient Management Plan so you know exactly what nutrients need to be applied to achieve maximum yields.

Our nutrient management planning service can be supported by our soil and organic manure sampling service if required. The legal requirement under the rules to test your soil, on land which is cultivated or receiving applications of fertiliser or manure, a minimum of every 5 years.

The Nutrient Management Plan shows in detail where all manure and fertiliser will be spread on a field by field, crop by crop basis.

Report includes:

• Livestock loading calculations

• Manure Imports and Exports

• Field records including applications

• N Max reports

• Slurry & Manure Storage details

• NVZ Risk Map

The Plan also provides useful information sources on nutrient spreading guidance, soil analysis services, professional advice, nutrient storage, and fertiliser security.

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