Independent Agronomists

Qualified Independent Agronomists

As a qualified, independent Agronomist with BASIS, FACTS and BETA certifications, Daniel works closely with his father to promote a forward-thinking and sustainable approach to Agriculture.

Operating in Derbyshire, Staffordshire, Shropshire and Cheshire, Daniel enjoys getting involved in crop nutrition and aims to combat any crop protection issues with a biological and balanced approach.

As well as covering all the major cropping types, other services that we can offer include, soil sampling, Tissue analysis, Environmental stewardship advice, NVZ Plans and mapping as part of the full agronomy service.

Our approach and philosophy is backed through being a NIAB member to keep up to date with the latest agronomy information. DJL Agriculture are independent agronomists with the future of sustainable farming at the heart of what we do.

Tailored Agronomy & Field Testing

When it comes to requiring chemical and non-chemical products rest assured, that as independent agronomists, we able to source the correct active ingredient comparing brands and prices accordingly to tailor each recommendation.

On farm as part of the agronomy package in field testing is carried out during each visit. This includes Brix, chlorophyll, Sap PH, Nitrate, potassium, calcium, and sodium measurement to help make informed decisions relating to the crops nutritional needs to give a balanced approach to help understand how the plant functions and the movement and availability of each nutrient.

All-round Agronomy Package

At DJL Agriculture we are here to offer an all-round agronomy package linking in livestock to arable farming.

Our philosophy, as independent agronomists, is to is to promote bio logical farming solutions to achieve a healthy well-balanced system for the health of the soil and the plant which in turn helps the heath of both livestock and humans.

Daniel -independent agronomist

”It is my belief that working towards a sustainable farming system is crucial if we are to provide a future in farming for the next generation. As we look to move away from traditional conventional practices it can only benefit us all environmentally and economically”.

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