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Organic farming relies on the principle of managing naturally occurring biological cycles to provide soil fertility and control weeds, pests, and diseases instead of using agrochemicals.

DJL Agriculture offers Advice and Support on all aspects of organic / low in-put and Agroecology based production.

Our in depth understanding of organic production principles and standards puts a unique position to support organic farmers and growers.

As a small company we are always keen to work with other farming consultancy organisations to work in partnership with.

“Organic or biological farming can be defined as any production that avoids or excludes the use of synthetic pesticides and fertilisers, and instead relies upon the use of sustainable techniques such as crop rotations, naturally sourced fertilisers and biological pest controls to enhance the natural fertility of a farm” (Reganold, 1988).”

An organic approach to functional biodiversity, plant breeding, crop rotation, intercropping, soil fertility, crop diversification, weed and pest control are all improvements that are mainly due to improvements in soil health, which is a direct response to the removal of harmful pesticides and chemicals from the system which are detrimental to soil biota. This soil biota is paramount within an agricultural system as it drives nutrient cycling, the maintenance and improvement of soil physical conditions, and is involved in a variety of soil chemical processes.

To learn more about organic farming click this link: www.gov.uk/government/statistics/agriculture-in-the-united-kingdom-2021/chapter-12-organic-farming


  • Combinable Agronomy

  • Grassland Agronomy

  • Feeding & Cow Management

  • Organic conversion and registration

  • Organic rules and regulations

  • Optimising a profitable organic farming system to meet growing markets

According to UK Governments statistics, organic farming is on the increase.

Considering moving towards organic farming or biological production but unsure how to go about it?

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